Bipolar quick thought

When a person’s mood affects their job, relationships and everyday life activity they may diagnosed Bipolar Disorder. This disorder is sometimes referred as manic depressive disorder; the person’s emotions can be unpredictable and intense at times. A person who suffers from this disorder usually has some type of brain disorder. Bipolar Disorder is common in men and women equally. Most dipolar disorder cases are detected around the age of 25; although it can be late 40’s or 50’s and early childhood according to the National Institute of Mental Health. When it comes to treatment medications; individual, group or family psychological counseling (psychotherapy); or education and support groups are often used.





Electroconvulsive therapy 



Gaissmaier, W., Wegwarth, O., Skopec, D., Müller, A., Broschinski, S., & Politi, M. C. (2012).            Numbers can be worth a thousand pictures: Individual differences in understanding            graphical and numerical representations of health-related information. Health            Psychology,            31(3), 286-296.





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