DIY Back splash OLA WHITE

Ola White glossy back splash

each tile was right around 4in by 16in and we used about 50 tiles


Prep your area! We taped off the counter tops 20161231_124656

Here SOME tools we used

Then get your first few tiles prepped and ready to be laid 20161231_124703

After they are cut (We used a wet saw and a simple cutter for some cuts as well)

Stick your first few up starting from the bottom and using mortar (Dont use too much)

Don’t forget your spacers we used 1/8th


Continue laying your tile from the bottom up and across.

Make your cuts as you come to them and use spacers through out


after all the tile was laid and set….. Mix your grout and grout

Teach those kiddos and let them help in the DIY life 🙂


Uplcose and finished work



what do you all think?

Let me know what you think and if you have any questions



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