7 Days of Positivity

Some days are hard some days are harder

Taking each day by the day will ease your mind

Each day live by a positive thought. Here are 7 days of positive thoughts to help you

Pick a quiet peaceful spot


Day 1 

You are here, You are alive, You have opportunity to be great. 

Day 2

We all have a unique path

Each path will have obstacles 

          As you get beyond these obstacles

          You will be stronger, smart and wiser

          Remember why you choose each path

Day 3

Remember that even when you are being broken down your strength and your                                        knowledge is something that no one can take anything from you. 

Day 4 

 The sun will set, the sun will rise

          What you do with all this time is completely in your control

Day 5

          If you have even just one person in your life who cares for you, you are rich.        

Day 6 

         Remind yourself of all you do, not what you do not do. As long as you give all to what you do,              you will be satisfied 

Day 7 

         Everything is possible once you put your mind to it. Take action and go after what you                          want. Do not wait as no time is better than now. 





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