Rustic DIY Tv Stand

Hi everyone,

Spent the weekend making this awesome TV stand and I wanted to share with you all how it was all done. Happy DIY

First we made a drawing of what we wanted and headed to homedepot….Although we did change it little once we were there.


For the frame we used all 2×4’s here it is:

We made the bottom and top of the frames and then put them together with 1×2’s so that it would not as bulky with all 2×4’s

When doing the frame we did not want the screws showing so we used this little handy tool to make the screws go in at an angle, which then hid the appearance of the screw. After the frame was in tact we added the middle shelve first we used two 6in planks of wood that fit inside the frame


Then we added the bottom shelf.


As you can see added small 1in slivers for edging and molding to fill extra space and make it look complete20170115_181819

Now time for those X’s on the side. We used small 2in pieces and a nail gun

Now time to do a light sanding

Next we started the staining. I was going for the rustic look so I stained the three top planks and the mostly the edges of the whole piece

After the stain was dry we started the first coat of White linen Chalk Paint

We did do two coats but because we wanted the rustic look we could have easily done just one coat and it would have been fine. Learning.

After the second coat was dry we did a light sand all over and more harder sanding on the edges AND the poly. Here is an up close of what this looked like after the sanding


I wanted to add a little of my own touch so I painted and glued this little design on which was super quick, easy, cute and simple

Okay now after everything was dry we got the top planks on there! yay!


In the end our stand is 73in in length, 18in in width and it stands 36in tall.

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions


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